Our Trip North (Spring 2022)

We decided to take a slow trip north, mostly up US Hwy 93 which we entered just outside of Wickenberg, Arizona, and left at Ravalli, Montana, for US Hwy 200!

93 took us through Kingman, where we stayed at a Wal-Mart! On to Las Vegas for a special stop at Dutch Bros. Coffee as it was “Drink One for Dane” day, one day a year where the proceeds go to ALS research. Northward to Paranghat Wildlife Preserve (North of Las Vegas, near Alamo, Nevada), an oasis we had passed several times over the years and vowed one day to stay at! It was well worth it!

Northward, we stopped just north of Mackay, Idaho at the reservoir, another gem of a campground!

Beautiful country heading north, just beautiful, snow capped peaks, blue skies, can’t wait to get home! We stopped for a couple of days in Hamilton, Montana, ‘boondocked’ at Ravalli Fun Center a Harvest Host location with wonderful hosts! In Hamilton we got to spend some good time with Kristin and Steve, a great dinner at the Bitterroot Brewery and an in person tour of Kristin’s new massage therapy studio “Take Flight Massage”.

Home to Hot Springs! We arrived back in Hot Springs, happy to be home, happy to see Jim and Paula, and of course, Sonny Chisolm! Just to name a few!

Jim and Paula Stobie, graciously kept us safe, sound and well fed! Thank you dear friends!

Next installment, Summertime 2022!

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