WELCOME BACK! (The Blog is back as we roll on)

Our last blog post was November 2021! We had arrived in Wenden Arizona for another winter, spending our time side by side riding, visiting Joanette’s nephew Brien and family in Scottsdale, John and Bill for Christmas in Palm Springs, and Joanette’s cousins who winter just 25 miles down the road in Brenda Arizona!

MP Trail Riders, Chief loves canyons and Burros

Joanette made a trip alone up to Washington to see her brother Dave. This was special to her, he is her oldest sibling, and she got to spend his final days with him, good visits, good stories, and great memories. It was with a heavy heart that she returned to Palm Springs just in time for Christmas.

Christmas 2021 was in Palm Springs with John and Bill, a few pics of the Christmas morning celebration:

Christmas time at the Palm Springs Air Museum (above).

We drove to San Diego during the holidays and spent a day touring the USS Midway, the aircraft carrier that John was on when it was forward deployed to Japan in October 1973 and Keith was on when it was brought back “home” to San Diego in August 1991.

January 2022 Keith and I travelled back to Whidbey Island to say our final goodbyes to brother David, spend time with his four boys, David Lynn, Jesse, Don and Rob. We gathered for a simple, beautiful service at Sunnyside Cemetery in Coupeville, then gathered again at Dave’s favorite hang out!

Jaime and James traveled to Wenden over Spring Break, what a treat for us, and the warmer weather didn’t seem to bother them either!

April 2022, we travelled to Palm Springs to house/Mouse sit! We had fun entertaining Mouse, keeping Mouse and Chief apart, and BIKE RIDING! We rode all over Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Cathedral City! A few pics, Carey Grant’s estate, Frank Sinatra’s estate, lots of colorful images and of course, US!

We spent an evening with Cousins (Joanette’s Wells Cousins) having supper and good conversation.

Wells Cousins – Joanette, Kathy, Cheryl, Jan and friend Karol These gals are all from the Clearwater Valley / Lewiston area!

May 18 we began the journey home, to see family and friends, to see Montana!

Another blog, the trip north to follow soon!

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  1. Thank you for starting up on the blog again!! Great to see pictures and hear about your adventures!! Miss you guys a bunch


  2. So sorry, Janette, that you had to experience the loss of your brother Davey! May God comfort you and Keith and give you peace.
    Aunt Sandra & Uncle Rick


    1. Thank you so much Aunt Sandra. We are looking forward to seeing you later this fall! We are in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, today. Onward toward Cape Cod! Stay tuned💖


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