One last trip while in the Northwest (Inland Northwest), we met John and Bill at Spokane Airport and spent a weekend with them in Moscow, Idaho, Pullman and Palouse, Washington.

Back to Hot Springs to say good bye . Good bye is always so hard and saying good bye to Jim and Paula; Randy, Justin and the kids and the Hot Springs Community was no exception. We’d had a long, lovely, fun summer with them. But we did it, we headed out on September 11 and our first stop was Philipsburg Bay Campground (again) on Georgetown Lake, Granite County, Montana. We moved campsites twice while at Philipsburg Bay and then a third time, we headed closer to Jaime’s house up in Piney Campground. There we had more sun (less trees and the evenings were getting into the 30s). We spent a few days with Jaime, Bob and James. We did some porch sitting and Bob and Keith did some guitar strumming! So good to see James having a good time with his dirt bike and see his sense of humor blossom! We had a nice dinner with Tyler in Anaconda. Wow, hard to believe he just turned 18! He is doing well with his studies and preparing for his future!

While in the Philipsburg area, we did a little road trip out to Moose Lake, what a beautiful crystal clear lake, lots of old buildings and a fairly good selfie!

Heading east – – Back to Emigrant! We can just never resist seeing Bryan and Sally in Old Chico. Emigrant Gulch calls our names! We took a little excursion into Yellowstone, over to Cooke City for lunch and back. We saw tons of bison, but no bears or moose, elk at Mammoth Hot Springs!

Emigrant Peak

A different drive, we explored the Mill Creek basin still in the Paradise Valley. Wow! Some stunning scenery and a wonderful walk!

It was like our fourth trip up to Tom Miner Basin, but we couldn’t resist the possibility of seeing more grizzlies! Yup, they were there, out foraging in the pastures for the wild caraway root! Alas, they were too far away for a decent photo!

We did a good grandparent deed, and from Emigrant we drove back to Missoula and picked up this little gem:

Bailey’s Pretty Blue Car

After a long day on the road, we made it back to Old Chico with the granddaughter’s new car, that she bought all by herself! One more night then we said good bye to Bryan and Sally, Hobbs, Pepper and Trump, their dogs. See you next summer!

Onward to Columbus, Montana! Joanette driving the little blue gem, Keith driving Coach and pulling Toad! Columbus has a beautiful campground, Itch-Kep-Pe, right on the Yellowstone River offered free of charge by the town and the local Kiwanis Chapter.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at Itch-Kep-Pe, as we had a granddaughter to deliver a car to in Roscoe, Montana. Just where is Roscoe? One might ask. Don’t blink or you will miss the sign where you are supposed to turn, and if you do make the turn you might miss the Grizzly Bar, which is the only business in town, o.k., that’s a lie, there is a pottery shop. But it’s a beautiful town about 1/2 hour north of Red Lodge, and south of Absarokee. The road out of Roscoe takes you by Bailey’s little log cabin, several large ranches and ultimately into the Beartooths ending at Rosebud Lake. Some stunning, rugged beauty right there!

East Rosebud Lake (Isn’t that spectacular?)

While in the area (south central Montana), we went to Fishtail then on to Nye, near where the Sweetwater Mine is. All we saw was beauty and seclusion!

Red Lodge! We spent a bit of time in Red Lodge. Both Bailey and Keegan work in town and we were able to do some walking in town, eating in the Great Room at Bailey’s work and Keith and Keegan played some music. That was FUN! Also, very cool, Keegan took us to the job site where he and a crew are doing a major remodel of a 100+ year old mansion. The extent of this project and the attention to detail where amazing. We are saddened that we took no pictures!

From Red Lodge and Columbus, we head to Billings for some supplies, fuel and a bath for Coach. While waiting for the bath for Coach we took a little walk and discovered the cutest coffee shop, especially for people who like to paint, on canvas, or on ceramics! You can paint while you enjoy coffee, you can take lessons, it was wonderful!

Leaving Montana near the end of September, spending one night at the County Fairgrounds in Sheridan, Wyoming and then one night in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

One last stop before September comes to an end. Near Scotts Bluff is Mitchell, Nebraska home to the Brown Sheep Yarn Company. Had we asked perhaps we would have gotten a tour of the entire woolen mill, but instead the owner and Joanette talked knitting and yarn! Another of Joanette’s favorites, painting and knitting!

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