Mid-Summer Dreams (Part One)

Joiners Journey -Summer 2021 we are breaking up into four blogs. The first was our previous blog “Good Ol’ Summertime”. We are notariously bad at timely blogs, or we are just so busy, no, probably just notariously bad! This is Mid-Summer Dreams (Part One) to be followed by Part Two (B-47 Ridge) and then closing with “The Dog Days of Summer” (August through our departure). This is the plan (plans are made to be deviated from!!!).

It seems like June is turning into being our ‘doctoring’ days we put off until we got back ‘home’. Now, with clean bills of health we could move forward!

June 2021 — Camp Tuffitt! Our annual trip to spend a weekend at Camp Tuffitt was a blast! We had beautiful weather (sometimes it is HOT, sometimes it is WET! This year it was perfect!) We walked, talked, ate and played music. It was all it was supposed to be. Thank you Jim, Paula, Randi, and Justin for including us once again. Thank you Jaime & James and Kristin & Steve for coming up and spending time with us. Another event we can look forward to next year!

Early July 2021 — The Brisket – 3 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. — an all day event and worth the wait!!

July 2021 Wendy’s Open Heart Surgery — Joanette’s little sister, Wendy, inherited the bad aorta valve from our dad, she was in great shape to begin with knowing that an aortic valve replacement would probably happen in her lifetime, she was an eager patient, but to help the healing process, she asked her big sister to come and spend some time with her during her early recovery days. It was a great week, she was very little trouble, other than making her understand she couldn’t be too independent yet. I cooked good food under her direction, they had great air conditioning (It gets really hot in Brewster, Washington) and because of the annual summer forest fires it was super smoky. We watched some crime dramas, watched the fishermen in the river, tried our hand at painting a picture of Wendy’s garden and garden shed. Slowly we are able to laugh without causing her too much pain.

We had an exciting committment coming up in Emigrant Montana so as Joanette headed west to be with her sister, Keith headed east! First to spend a few days with the Scott and Ericka Grieco Family near Deer Lodge then on to Emigrant.

July 2021 – Grieco Family — From the sounds of it, Keith had an excellent time with Scott, Ericka, Caleb and Maddy. There is always a lot of laughter and adventure with that clan! They did a side by side ride or two, almost to Butte and played games. Joanette was a tad envious so we will be stopping there again so we can all have a good time!

July 23 and 24, 2021 — Emigrant Montana — B-47 Ridge — the next episode of Joiners Journey, Mid-Summer Dream (Part Two)

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  1. Was happy to hear that Wendy came thru her aortic vale replacement. And of course you guys are constantly busy. Enjoyed hearing about the b-47 celebration. I’m sure Brian appreciated Keith’s help. Thanks for your blog stories.


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