Ooops, We forgot to post –December 2020

November ended with a new puppy, Chief, Thanksgiving with John and Bill here at Morenga Palms. We started looking forward to Christmas, preparing for the holiday and staying healthy.

Christmas baking, yeah! Finally, no job, no getting home too tired to pop, no worries, Joanette baked her little heart out! Chex mix, cookies — peanut butter, chocolate chip, peanut butter/chocolate chip, molasses, No stopping her on that front. Our little oven, RV style, not Easy Bake, worked like a champ. The chex mix was made in the Oster Roaster that John brought for cooking the Thanksgiving turkey! We had wanted to do lots of hand made items, but, baking got in the way and only Jaime was the recepient of hand made pot holders, to match her kitchen.

Joanette took a one hour sip and paint class with Pat in the RV behind us and painted a picture totally with Q-Tips!

The One Hour Q-Tip painting!

But that inspired her to try her hand at acrylic painting by herself. Here are two of her holiday masterpieces!

The RV park furnished all of the residents (maybe about 50 RVs) with a bag of Christmas lights and extension cords for decorating our spaces. So we went to town with that! Here are pictures of our finished decorating!

The sunsets here are gorgeous, we’ve shared a couple on Facebook, but by putting them in our blog we will have a forever record!

John and Bill arrived on Monday, December 21! They escorted Keith to Prescott to pick up our Christmas gift on Tuesday. Joanette and Chief stayed home and baked!

“The Gift” – Walking is fun, but there is too much territory to cover!

The “gift” arrived and we were anxious to test it out, but first, we met Granddaughter Bailey and her boyfriend Keegan for a tour of Butterfly Wonderland! What a great day Wednesday, December 22 was!

Bailey and Keegan came over to help with Christmas Dinner preparations on Christmas Eve! Of course, we finally got to take a couple of rides on the new Polaris. The first was with John and Bill before the “kids” arrived, and then later we took Keegan and Bailey. Here are a few shots!

We went to an ortho appointment to see about replacing Keith’s right knee and that trip coincided with Bailey and Keegan’s last day here. We met them for dinner at a great restaurant, The Tamale Store. We felt so honored that they wanted to spend so much time with us! Love these young people!

So, 2020 was a bust, it’s in the books now, and time to move on. A Very Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Joiner’s Journey continues! RVing with retired Navy couple and their pup Chief, Goober crossed the Rainbow Bridge and watches over us now!

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  1. Fantastic pictures! I’ve missed seeing them 🙂 Glad you’re having a wonderful time


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