October was consumed by our American Cancer Society walking. We didn’t get in any bike riding. We were also consumed by our new addition, Chief. He would turn 8 weeks on November 13, but who wants to drive any distance on Friday the 13th, so we kindly asked if we could pick him up on Veteran’s Day, November 11. That was no problem for his breeder, Ken, he even suggested we could come on the 10th! Ken sent us a picture of Chief after he gave him his first hair cut!

Well, that turned out not to be. Chief and his litter mates had a mild case of diarrhea and Ken asked if we could wait another week, just to make sure he was o.k. We agreed and were disappointed we could not go, but our suitcase and Chief’s coming home gear is waiting near the door for next week!

In the meantime, we continue to walk. As of yesterday we’ve walked 8.99 miles in November and today we added 11.87 miles by bike! Here are a few pictures of our walk on Saturday morning out in the desert and one picture of our home for the winter, Morenga Palms.

A very old cemetery near the Harquahala Mine. Chinese laborers?
Morenga Palms, Wenden, Arizona
Bike ride around Salome, Tuesday, November 10, 2020 — 61o

We have met many of our park neighbors. All nice folks, mostly from “up north”, several from Montana! Most of the folks have desert side by sides. They go out on group rides. We’ll keep walking and biking and see what happens!

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