The Arizona Desert

We spent two nights at White Tank Mountain Regional Park, a Maricopa County Park, based on the recommendation of John and Bill who spent one night here on their way back to California. Check out their blog if you would like to see great pictures, great writing, and our recent time together from a different view point. You can find them at They told us that they wished they had had more time here, there were lots of trails and it was very pretty. That’s all it took, we called and made a reservation for two nights, a great BOGO offer, stay one night, get the next night free! We arrived, got all set up and went for a walk. See attached map and photos. We were glad we had water, the air here is dry and it was breezy and a warm 82 degrees! 4.56 miles!!

We got out on the trail again the next evening and did a short walk (again, map below).

Tuesday, October 27, we headed to Wenden, through Surprise, Wickenburg and then about 45 more minutes to the west and we were ‘home’ and setting up for the winter. I can tell you that this is a bit unsettling. We haven’t stopped for five or six months at a time since we began our journey. We had checked out Morenga Palms last spring, called and made the reservation a couple of months ago and will be exploring that area for the next few months. Morenga Palms is a cute little RV park about 3 miles east of Wenden and about 7 miles northeast of Centennial Park where we spent five weeks last spring, three with John and Bill, during the initial Covid shut down. We will do a few walks in the desert, get used to the warmth, and then on November 9th we will go pick up our new little partner, Chief. We are excited get to know him and get some basic etiquette under his belt. He will get to walk with us, travel to Palm Springs with us for Christmas, Yuma to visit cousin Shelley, and maybe even a surprise visit from Kona! We have also ordered a pet trailer to pull behind our bikes so he can go on rides with us.

After getting settled we drove down to Salome, about 8 miles west of us, a bit larger of a town (not by much!). We parked Toad and went for a walk in the desert.

Another milestone, we have been participating in an American Cancer Society virtual event. A 35 miles in October Fundraiser. Also participating were Kristin Joiner and Jaime Bancroft. We were all successful! Keith and I raised $400.00 dollars in remembrance of my sister Sandy (breast cancer), sister in law Jean (mantel cell lymphoma), Grandma (lung cancer), Harlee Salmi (DIPG), for research for my cousin Bonnie, survivors like my cousin Sally, and so many others.

We received some pictures this morning of Chief! We are getting very excited to see him again!

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