Broken Bow and Louisiana

Two years in a row we have gotten to spend time with friends, Harley and Kerry in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Southeast Oklahoma is beautiful this time of year and since we’ve kept to ourselves and they are very careful about exposure to any illnesses, it was agreed that we could have a safe and great time together! We celebrated with outdoor cookouts, hot dogs and burgers, several awesome hikes at Beaver’s Bend State Park and a drive to Hot Springs “Spa City”, Arkansas.

We’ll start with the pretty two hour drive to Hot Springs which is a National Park in the city! Like another Hot Springs we know, it was known for its healing, healthy waters, but this Hot Springs has Bathhouse Row, bathhouses dating back to 1912.

They are pretty buildings, one of which is the National Park Headquarters. Downtown Hot Springs is full of great shopping opportunities, or in our case window shopping, but as they morning progressed, so did the number of tourists, so we took to the hills, so to speak, to accomplish what we had come for — hiking!

Folks would come to Hot Springs back in the day and spend a month to get into shape, hiking, soaking, eating healthy, and hiking and soaking, and eating healthy. We tried to to partake of at least one of those three healthy items, so we embarked on hiking Hot Springs Mountain, to the tower on the top.

We made it, over 5 miles! Our longest walk to date (since we have been using our Strava App). We all felt very satisfied after that walk, headed back to the car, and stopped at Bubba’s Catfish and Seafood, a great little take out place and had cajun food — catfish, hush puppies and coleslaw. (Joanette actually had chicken!)

Returning to our base camp in Broken Bow, we drove up to Beaver’s Bend State Park twice and enjoyed a couple of more hikes, of shorter duration, spotting one great wildlife specimen and several great views!

Last but not least was our last hike with the Thomas’ up the Cedar Bluff Trail (not too difficult or time consuming) and the views were stunning!

We were planning to make a fairly short trip down to Loranger, Louisiana and see Keith’s Father’s headstone but we had also been watching Hurricane Delta churning in the Gulf of Mexico. When it became apparent that it would be crazy to drive to Louisiana in the midst of an oncoming hurricane we changed our plans.

Did we mention that everywhere we travel we meet someone who has “an adorable” miniature schnauzer? We sure miss our Goober and know full well that he is irreplaceable. But that urge for a companion to shower us with love and well, we have love to give as well…… Joanette had the phone number in her phone for the guy in Yukon, Oklahoma who had a new litter of puppies. She tried calling him and messaging him on Facebook him, to no avail. Keith finally tried texting Ken and Voila!, was able to get a response. We made arrangements to drive to Yukon on Tuesday and see the litter! Since Yukon would be on our way to Arizona, the place where we will stay put for the next several months, it seemed perfect. We picked out the little guy who will make Coach his home and us his humans, a pack, nomadic, but a pack none the less!

It would be five weeks until we can return to Yukon and pick him up, so we decided that we hunker down at a couple of Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in western Oklahoma, then dash through New Mexico due to quarantine requirements of people coming from all of the states we have just recently visited and make our way to our winter home in Wenden, Arizona. We are due in Wenden on November 1st and the Little Fellow (name TBD) can’t come home with us until November 13. We will make a trip without Coach to pick him up.

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