Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa!

It’s o.k. if that line doesn’t mean anything to you. Really. But to those of a certain age, or those who love baseball (or Kevin Costner), those words will mean something!

Keith and I got so excited when we discovered we were not far from the place the movie was filmed, and even more excited when John and Bill were excited along with us! It was a rainy day but we set out for Iowa nonetheless! Baseball fans are optimistic. Baseball is not for sissies!

We crossed the Mississippi, into Iowa and through the city of Dubuque.

On to Dyersville, through beautiful farmland, tons of corn fields, we meandered until over yonder we saw it:

And then we turned into kids! And the rain stopped!

They even had a concession stand called The Stretch, where we indulged in an afternoon drink and caramel corn! Back to Wisconsin where we would pack up camp and the next day head to Missouri! So lucky to get to Iowa and prove that “If you build it, they will come”!!

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  1. You both look awesome. Nice surprise this fine day. Take care of each other. Hugs


  2. what a great adventure!! so fun to see your wonderful selves in those familiar movie ‘scenes’! like sitting in the bleachers in front of the house!! I’ll have to watch the movie again soon. love you both


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