We decided to lay low for a while and found an Army Corps of Engineers park about and hour and a half northwest of Oklahoma City. We had it again, lake front views, electricity and water! Our reservation was for about five days, but we were enjoying the lazy days with no travel so we extended our stay for another week.

In the meantime we did do some exploring, we went to Enid, OK to replenish supplies and do laundry. While we were in Enid we drove by the house that Uncle Leslie and Aunt Sylvia lived in when Leslie was preaching at the Church of God there. We did a nice walk in Enid finding a ‘prairie’ exhibit, pictured here.

On our way to Enid we passed a road sign telling about “The Original Sod House”. Of course, on our way back from Enid, the lady in Google Maps had us go a different route and we didn’t drive by it. It was decided that we would do that on another day. And we did! What an interesting little gem. It is actually the last remaining sod house built by one of the original homesteaders of the Oklahoma Land Run. It is in a climate controlled ‘museum’ and we enjoyed it immensely. The curator was a knowledgeable lady who told us more about that time period, the gentlemen who built it, and so much history of the land run. I’ll include a lot of pictures, because they are well worth studying!

ROMAN NOSE STATE PARK — about 28 ago years Keith, Jason, Jaime and I did a three week vacation and we stayed at Roman Nose State Park! We discovered that we were not far and there were several hikes in the park we could do. We did indeed drive to Roman Nose twice to hike, saw no rattlesnakes, but met a nice lady with a beautiful white schnauzer. The lady was Stacy from Whitefish, MT! Small World! And her dog was adorable!

It had been about a week now since we met our new “Little Fellow”. Ken sent us a new picture of him at about four weeks of age!

The title of our blog today is Canton, Enid and Ft. Supply, well we will keep the part about Ft. Supply short. We found another Army Corps of Engineers campground northwest of us in the panhandle. It sounded like it had history, hikes, and wasn’t too far from Boiling Springs State Park, Woodward, OK, and Little Sahara, a sand dune filled area of fun! We were excited and reserved another site there for a week. Well, the “winds sweeping down the plain” became relentless, the temperature was predicted to fall into the 30’s and there was even a chance of snow in the week we would be there, so footloose and fancy free, we cancelled that reservation and headed south to Hereford Texas!

Why Hereford Texas one may ask. Bona fide question! They are the only town in our great nation with the name Hereford. Their high school mascot is the Whiteface, and they are known as the Hostile Herd and this little town is known as the Beef Capital of the World. Also known as the “town without a toothache” because of the high content of naturally occurring fluoride, but mostly it was the fact that the City of Hereford has a park that has six RV spots with full hook ups for a maximum of three nights, FREE! We checked in on Monday, did a walk around the ponds here at the aquatic center where we are parked. Did I mention that there are a ton of stockyards here? Cattle waiting to, well, waiting to do what cattle do. The smell, not too bad, there seems to be a gentle wind most of the time and the fresh ‘dairy air’ so to speak doesn’t linger!

Tuesday we drove to Amarillo (by morning!) and took a lovely walk in a park situated by the hospitals and medical professionals. Medicine Path, I believe it was!

Ken sent us a new picture of our boy, at five weeks. Up until now we have been calling him Little Fellow, but the decision has been made, his name will be “Chief”! We cannot wait to complete his transition into our clan!

Our last day in Hereford, (today, and our blog will be up to date!) we went for a walk down town to see some of the sights.

Tonight we are off to pick up a couple of beef brisket sandwiches (while in the beef capital…), tomorrow we are off to New Mexico and a Harvest Host winery. Hopefully in the future our blogs will not be so far in between and, therefore, a bit shorter!

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  1. Hi
    Once again enjoyed your blog z
    and pics. Chief is adorable. I bet you are so anxious to pick hi.
    M up. Sorry. I couldnt correct my texting mistakes.


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