A Car Trip (back to Oklahoma)

We sure enjoyed being back in Hot Springs! The weather was great (o.k. there was one dousie of a storm that came through too!). We’ve done some visiting, relaxing, bike riding and oh, those pesky doctor appointments! We enjoyed spending James 8th birthday with him, his mom and sister in Missoula!

We were honored to spend Sonny Chisholm’s 89th birthday with him. Barbequed some pretty tasty Montana Beef!

Lots of good times with Jim and Paula and their “kids”, daughter Randi and Grandkids Audrey and Kason.

Paula and I kept busy repainting her kitchen cabinets!

Turned out lovely!

We had dinner and a nice evening on the deck at our friend Pam’s lovely home! Here are a couple of pictures of her beautiful kitchen! We really love her home as it was the house that we built in 2007-08 when we first moved to Hot Springs!

After the initial quarantine, appointments, and such we were going to spend a couple of weeks at Georgetown Lake with Jaime and her kids. We made our way over, and had reserved a great campsite at Philipsburg Bay Campground. Our first night Jaime had made a chicken and dumpling casserole and we had an early evening! We got in one campfire and several great walks, we learned to play a new game, Farkle. We really enjoyed learning Farkle and playing with Jaime, Tyler and James. After Jaime and Tyler left we continuing playing with James. After James could no longer keep his eyes open he moved to the couch and Keith and I continued playing! We played til midnight, then started again at 7:00 a.m.! James was amazed at our endurance!

Did I mention moose? Jaime lives in a very wildlife rich environment! And snow! Jaime lives at about 6500′ elevation and gets wintertime snow (lots) and summertime snow, too!

We spent three nights and then came the sad news that Keith’s Uncle Loren Vance Busbee passed away suddenly. Loren is Keith’s Mother’s youngest brother. They were very close and we enjoyed every moment we ever spent with Loren Vance and his wonderful wife, Maxine. The decision was easy. We cut our time short at Georgetown Lake and made our way back to Hot Springs. We decided we would leave Coach there and make a quick trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma. Goober thought staying with Jim and Paula would be way more fun than riding in the car, so he asked to stay with them. Rumor has it, they enjoyed having him!

We spent one night in Cheyenne, Wyoming and arrived the next afternoon in northern Oklahoma City where we met Keith’s brother John. We were able to be socially distant and spend time with Maxine and Keith’s cousins that evening. After the funeral service, more good quality time with family at the graveside. A beautiful day to send off Uncle Loren to play horseshoes and music in heaven!

John, Keith and I took at little drive around OKC, drove by the state capitol and each house they had lived in during their younger years! We had a great visit again with John, but had to say goodbye and go our separate ways. Time for us to head home!

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  1. wonderful pictures!!! we enjoyed spending time with you guys so much. thank you for coming around to our corner of Montana! (And thank you for my ‘new’ beautiful kitchen !! šŸ™‚


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