Hitting the Oregon Trail! aka “working backwards”

Our destination is Coburg, Oregon. A super cute little town just outside of Eugene. We spent a few days here last August just before going to Florence, Oregon. It’s a small, historic little burg with lots of RV activity! We have an appointment tomorrow at Coach Glass to get three of Coach’s panes of glass replaced! This is the same company that replaced our windshield down in Phoenix. This is their home base, the place where side windows are the specialty.

We spent the last few days in Junction City, Oregon, another gem in Oregon’s arsenal of small towns. Specifically we were headed to Countryside Interiors where we had seriously hoped to find a new couch! And find it we did!! Goodbye old posture killing beast! Hello new luxurious couch!

New Couch for Coach!

Goober with his new hair cut and scarf on his new couch!

We had the weekend to do with what we wanted, so we put the bike rack on the back of Toad. (Thank you John and Bill for installing it while we were in Arizona!) We loaded the bikes up and headed to one of Eugene’s many bike paths. We rode 8.6 miles along the Willamette River in downtown Eugene! It was so fun. It really makes you feel like a kid again. There were lots of people out riding, walking, jogging, roller blading, but all keeping their distance but still being friendly.

Prior to Junction City, we stopped in Roseburg and visited the resting place of our friend Scott Hall and many other veterans at the Roseburg National Veterans Cemetery. What a beautiful place in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Scott Hall and Family in front of Dutch Bros. Coffee. Drink One for Dane is this Friday, May 8. Dane died of ALS in 2009. Scott in 2020. Here is a link to a story about Scott, ALS and Dutch Bros. Coffee: https://www.dutchbros.com/news-events/living-with-als-the-hard-times-and-the-hope?fbclid=IwAR0YcUuiHCRoh9YTKqqXK3Uky852I3UPTLoNiqENbDZb9Tmv5geF-mb7Jyg

We ‘snuck’ through California, didn’t have to stop and buy expensive fuel, but stayed one night at a nice RV park in McCloud, California, in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. Northern California reminded us that we were nearing the moist, always green states of the Pacific Northwest! I-5 through the Siskiyou Mountains were beautiful .

We left Fallon, Nevada and Joanette’s cousin Shelley after a fun two day stay. Shelley was ending her leave of absence from her job, we had good times, lots of laughs and share memories from long ago! Sadly enough, we did not get any pictures. I cannot believe it. No pictures.

Prior to Fallon, we spend a night in a BLM campground just outside of Caliente, Nevada. Thank you Nevada for having an open campground! Only one other couple there, so we had plenty of social distancing, nice pinyon trees, and had we had a four wheeler, there are ‘millions of miles’ of RV trails and roads!

Between Caliente and Fallon we traveled the Extraterrestrial Highway, through Area 51, lots of little ghost towns, a mining town, Tonopah, and even past a brothel (closed for social distancing!)

So here we are in Coburg, getting windows replaced tomorrow and probably Friday. Tomorrow we will take the kids for a ride up into the Cascades, do some walking and picture taking. Today we are saddened and sharing in the loss of little Harlee Salmi back in Hot Springs. This adorable little girl lost her battle today to DIPG brain stem cancer. Friday we remember Scott Hall and others battling ALS when we go have a cup of coffee at Dutch Bros and their annual “Drink One for Dane” campaign to raise money and awareness for that gruesome disease.

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