Salome, “Where She Danced” aka Salome “Where they Social Distanced”

We continue with our efforts of social distancing and quarantining. This was not what we expected as we began our Joiner’s Journey 10 months ago, but after 31 years of the real Joiner’s Journey, we’ve figured out that we do not travel in a straight line!

We’ve been joined by John and Bill who have been seriously practicing social distancing both the last leg of their 30 day cruise and then the two weeks they had been back “ashore”. So we all are all safe! We are sharing the same big campsite and have communal meals and a campfire chats every evening. We are enjoying watching the sunsets, the evening skies, and last night some lightning way off on the horizon. They’ve been accompanying us on walks in the desert, the dogs love seeing the rabbits and lizards moving at breakneck speeds! Their cat, Mouse, has to stay at home on the walks!

Keith and I went to Phoenix Thursday morning to get Coach’s windshield replaced. Way too many bugs on there! No, seriously we had a windshield leak that we had not noticed before going to Tulsa and all that rain. Perhaps because Coach had not been in the rain before and that window needed replaced all along. We also have another side window that the seal had broken on long before we bought Coach and that needs to be replaced also, so we made arrangements with Coach Glass (RV Glass Solutions) to take care of the work, they worked great with our insurance company, and while they were doing to work, we checked out the places that Keith’s Mom lived in the Phoenix area over the years.

Finding the two homes Keith’s mom had lived in years ago in the Phoenix area was a fun way to spend the day of social distancing while the windshield was being replaced! We enjoyed a nice long walk around the lakes in Sun Lakes where the home on the right was located. This was the house we remembered most from many years ago.

We returned to Coach about 3:30 and she was just being finished up! We had to spend the night, as the glue needed a minimum of 8 hours to cure. We got the dogs situated in the A/C and ran over to Costco. We got a good nights sleep and headed back to Salome on Friday morning!

It’s great to see that some states are encouraging outdoor activity while this virus induced shut down takes place. Fun to see the fish that Cousin Clifdon caught up in Kansas, 38 pound catfish! And the fish that James caught yesterday in Montana, looks like a prize winning Rainbow to us! Sure wish the Joiner boys out in Washington were able to go the mile to the beach and throw their lines out. There are bound to be some hungry Puget Sound fish waiting for them.

Wondering about Salome, Where She Danced? We were too, so we ‘googled’ the history of Salome. There was a movie made in 1945, called Salome, Where She Danced. Here is an excerpt from wikipedia:

The project had originally been connected to John Ford in 1941, but it was acquired by the producer Walter Wanger. He envisaged it as “an Arabian nights story in a western setting“.

The film was based on a short story inspired by the Arizona legend about the town Drinkmens Wells which came to be known as Salome, Where She Danced. The story was about a Mexican dance hall performer called Salome who danced to hold the attention of a group of outlaws and give the law-abiding members of the town enough time to assemble and arm in protection of their homes. The script expanded the story to incorporate characters such as Robert E. Lee and Bismark.[2]

So there you have it! ‘Salome, Where She Danced’, known to Joiner’s Journey as ‘Salome, where they social distanced’!

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  1. Great to see that you visited Aunt Doris’ old homes! I remember the Sun Lakes home too, but there’s no way I could have found it when I was in AZ! I stayed there with her as a teenager when she owned the Rolls Royce – i have a picture of that somewhere!! Stay safe!


  2. Looks like you’re having fun and keeping safe! Good to “see” you!

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  3. I never get tired of seeing that picture! You both look wonderful, then and now, and still having a wonderful journey. thanks for sharing with us!!


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