Doing our planning for the next place we could possibly seclude ourselves from people and viruses we found La Paz County Park and Greasewood Golf Course with camping for $70.00 a week or $160 a month!! We called ahead and reserved site 11 for 7 days and began the journey from outside of Willcox to Salome, Arizona, half way between Phoenix and Blythe, California on the border!

In looking for a place to land we were hoping that John and Bill may be able to come and practice social distancing with us. They live near Palm Springs, and that would be a drive of about 3 hours. As an aside, John and Bill have been on a 30 day cruise around South America. The enjoyed several port calls on the east side of that continent, but then Covid-19 got going really good, and although all aboard were healthy, the Chilean goverment would not let them disembark in their country. The cruise line then made the decision to continue directly to San Diego, CA with no more port calls. The had 10 days on the ship at sea. Kudos to the cruise line — they kept the ship clean, everyone comfortable, well fed and “hydrated”. John thought it was dealt with nicely, although there were the “as expected grumblers”. The cruise line went so far as to offer passengers total reimbursement of this cruise or 125% toward another 30 day cruise. (I think they may go with another cruise Scotland/Greenland/Iceland!) They did arrive in San Diego yesterday. The passengers on their ship were successfully quarantined from the virus and John and Bill made it home safely.

Although we are really looking forward to spending more time with John and Bill we called and expressed our understanding if they just wanted to stay home after their long time away, or if they felt unsafe with being near us. We did tell them about this campground, how the campers are well spread out and about and our site #11 is roomy enough for both our rigs, our two dogs and their cat! In any event we think we will probably be here for a while. The Washington State Parks are closed, and just heard that Montana was requiring a two week quarantine of anybody coming in.

Decision made! It looks like we will be staying here in Salome for the month of April. John and Bill do plan on coming this way, after they have been at home for the next two weeks! It is very nice here, in a valley surrounded by those Arizona-type mountains (rugged yet barren). We are comfortable staying here and being away from people. There are plenty of car trips we can do if we need to (Lake Havasu, Quartzsite, Phoenix). Today, we drove into the closer town of Wenden (not much there). We then drove into Salome (not much there either)! We have determined that the agriculture in the area is garlic, pistachios, and almonds!

A couple of pictures of the campground and Joanette’s project.

We will post pictures of our social distancing self-quarantine day trips if we find anything exciting out there. For now, we are well and we pray you all stay healthy! Please, please be very cautious during this scary time.

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