Bumps and Bruises, Tornado Watch, Covid-19, Earthquake, Oh My

We are near El Paso, Texas. Saw the border wall today. Heck, saw Mexico today!

We are at Mesa Vista Winery in Anthony, New Mexico, which basically is a bedroom community of Anthony, Texas, a bedroom community of El Paso. The hosts were kind enough to have us, even though the State of New Mexico has shut everybody down. We are going to stay two days. The weather is perfect! Some cloud cover, about 80 during the day and pleasant all night long.

The title here sounds so extreme! Joanette conked her head on one of the slideouts a couple of weeks ago up in Corsicana. That large bump turned into a gruesome black eye. She still has a small raised area on her scalp but the black eye which lasted more than a week has subsided. Keith thinks she is still somewhat dingy from the ordeal. Joanette thinks she is fine!

While were in Coleman Texas we had two nights of storms, and tornado watches. Nerve racking! Then we had to leave or campground during a pandemic. We spent two days in Jal where the S.I. Joint pain started. Joanette is walking like a little ol’ man, stooped over and shuffling, but determined to get snapped back into place!

This morning we were sitting on the couch, Coaches’ couch! He He! When all of a sudden Coach started rocking, it was a gentle ride, lasted about 30 seconds, but unmistakenly that of an earthquake. Sure enough, US Geological Survey shortly posted that there was a 5.0 magnitude quake centered in Mentone TX, approximatley 200 miles east of us.

A few pictures from our trip from Jal, New Mexico to Anthony, New Mexico, through West Texas and El Paso.

The rugged West Texas Mountains and a mountain covered in wild flowers in El Paso!

We’ll be leaving in the morning heading to Wilcox, Arizona and yet another Harvest Host location. Everyone stay safe, healthy and practice safe distancing!

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