Here we are, Jal, New Mexico (rhymes with ya’ll). About 5 hours west of Coleman Texas, a little town in the southeast corner of New Mexico welcomed us with open arms! They have a great city park, clustered around three man made “lakes” which from the air we are told spell JAL! They have several sites with hook ups and plenty of room for more rvs without hookups, they invite travelers to stay for free for not more than 3 days! We are in the middle of oil country. We watched the oil fields all through west Texas and have been doing some googling about how the industry works. So we are learning stuff on our “summer vacation”!

Joanette has been working on the “fish”. She gets nervous if she gets low of cloth so we made a trip to Hobbs, NM to a cute little quilt store. There was only one lady in there, the owner, we cleared the room and pronounced it healthy.

Not Keith, I was only in there a few minutes, but this fellow, his wife was really a quilter!

We should tell you we are staying healthy. We have plenty of food and keep to ourselves. We would be out walking more than we have been, but Joanette’s been having some ‘sciatic’ issues. (Can hardly walk and wants to cry!). Lucky, her, in this cute little “mall” was a massage gal. Yes, she had an opening right then, so I ducked in for a 45 minute massage. Let me tell you, it hurt so good and she gave me a lot of tips.

I woke up this morning hopeful it was cured. It was not. But we did get out for a very slow stroll. I am optimistic it will be better tomorrow morning and we will head toward Anthony, NM, south back into Texas, east to El Paso and then back up north to Anthony. We have made arrangements to stay at a Harvest Host location, Mesa Vista Winery. They are closed due to the virus, but we are welcome to stay! That’s pretty cool!

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