QUARANTINE/SOCIAL DISTANCING (or coronavirus vs tornado!)

We last wrote about leaving our Boondockers Welcome site in Pleasanton Texas. We headed north west from there and went through a couple of towns we want to be sure to check out next time we are in Texas. One was Fredericksburg, a town full of distant past charm, but it was also full of tourists, so we decided to drive on through. The other town was Fort Mason, a very old Fort on the Texas Fort Trail. Next time we are down this way will check those both out. I would imagine that would be in a year or so!

We made it to our destination, Hords Creek Lake Army Corp of Engineers Park, about an hour south east of Abilene, west of Dallas/Fort Worth. We are happy with our choice, the lake is very lightly populated with other campers and it is about 15 minutes outside of the town of Coleman. Coleman is a large town, but only has a population of about 4,000. We felt comfortable in the little grocery store (Buck’s Grocery v. Wal-Mart), it’s definitely a west Texas town. Probably has quite a cattle ranching population. But now seems to be just holding on! We feel safe here.

Goober got a hair cut before the world went topsy-turvy! We got our laundry done and a couple of supplies from a cute little quilt shop so Joanette can keep busy. Ready to hunker down…..BUT this morning we got an email. Our campground, which we were just thinking might be where we should sit out more of the crisis, is being closed. At this point we don’t know if we can stay through our reservation end date on Sunday, or if we will have to leave. We are hoping our argument of us sheltering in place is the safest option for everybody. We have power and water and feel like we should be able to stay even beyond our reservation end date. Just for safeties’ sake!

Coach Site 70 Hords Creek Lake Campground

Well, we just got the official word. Our reservation ends on Sunday and we have to leave. Oh no, RVers without a campsite! More later, Joanette is getting ready to plead her case via email with Senators Daine and Tester and Representative Gianforte.

That is taken care of, emails sent. We really do feel like we are better off here (other than springtime in Texas is tornado time). I think we are less like to meet a tornado than contract Corona! I must say we had a doosie of a storm a couple of nights ago. We will begin investigating our exit strategy this morning, although we don’t have to leave until Sunday, Perhaps in the next few days one of our elected officials will be able to make exceptions for those of us already tucked away from society!

A couple of pictures to show you what’s here and what’s going on!

We will continue to keep you posted as to our whereabouts. Stay healthy. Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!

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