Pleasanton, Texas

Boondockers Welcome. We’d meant to check into this group a long time ago and we finally did it. We had been wanting to go see the graves of Keith’s Great Grandparents in White Creek Cemetery, somewhere near Three Rivers Texas. Well Three Rivers is almost half way between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Makes sense that a Boondockers Welcome host was located 30 miles south of San Antonio and had room for us and after reading our bio took his chances on us! Didn’t hurt that Joanette is from Whidbey Island and this gentlemen has a summer cabin on the Island. Instant connection! We agreed to three days and haven’t been disappointed. The first day we settled in, the second day, yesterday, we traveled to the middle of Texas oil fields to a cemetery, an awful long way from Three Rivers, There under the old oak tree was their gravesite. The original headstones had deteriorated and sunk into the ground so about four years ago the family replaced those with this new one. It was good to see it and get photos.

Once we found our way back to a main road we decided to head south and see Corpus Christi, or at least that part that was near the Naval Air Station that Keith was stationed at back in the early 80’s. Where his daughter Kristin was born. We went to the beach, Gulf of Mexico and watched the people surf and let Goober and Kona take a short walk. It was a good, long day.

Today we decided to do the trip to the Riverwalk and Alamo in San Antonio. We used good judgment and practiced social distancing. We walked around the Alamo complex (a city block) and did not get in line to go inside. We had both been inside a long time ago and decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

The huge live oak outside of the Alamo

What a great day for the Riverwalk and what a pretty place! We walked a lot and then decided to do the riverboat cruise. Well worth the $10.50 each. We’ll let the pictures do the talking!

There were a lot of people, I can’t imagine how many more would have been there, without the coronovirus on everyone’s mind. We had a great day and were pretty beat when we got home to the kids. A quick nap and a trip to the Walmart on the other side of Pleasanton. What an eye opener. There were no disinfectant wipes, antibacterial soap or latex gloves to be had. No toilet paper, thankfully, there were a few in the RV section. And the beans and rice section. Kaput!

Home to practice more social distancing, tomorrow morning we leave to head north WEST! We are going to self-quarantine in an Army Corps of Engineers campground at Hords Lake, west of Fort Worth.

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  1. GOOD PICTURES! I’m glad you got to see Miles and Sid’s grave again. It is really located in a seemingly desolate place. Makes you wonder why he left OKC to live there!–Uncle Loren.


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