Austin City Limits

Our campground (Army Corps of Engineers, of course), was located near Georgetown, a posh up and coming town north of Austin on Lake Georgetown. The campground was great! The traffic going into Austin was atrocious. So once we got there we decided not to go back, if needed, we would go around!

We left Goober and Kona at home and headed to LBJ Library and Museum. That was a great thing to do. What an interesting and powerful man he was. What an awful and tumultuous time to be president and sucked into a war that he could not win.

Just blocks from the University of Texas which is home to the LBJ Library and Museum is the Texas State Capital. Parking was scarce, so we did a drive by on all four sides. Would have been a lovely place to get out and walk.

We spent our last day at Lake Georgetown doing a little hiking, “watch out for the prickly pears”, housecleaning, playing Yatchzy and looking for a place to stay further south for a few days. We joined Boondockers Welcome. Similar to Harvest Hosts, it is a network of folks, mostly RVers, who open up their property to fellow RVers who are self contained. We found just what we were looking for in Pleasanton! Our plan was to go find graves near Three Rivers and go to San Antonio. Pleasanton is about 30 miles south of S.A and this couple has room for three R.V.s and hookups are available. His bio even said he owned a cabin on Whidbey Island. That was a good sign!

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