South Again!

We really enjoyed our time in Corsicana. Fun to connect with friends and friends make great tour guides! We spent one day with Jim and went to the Russell Stover Candy Factory/Store and Collin Street Bakery. Did a driving tour of the town. Corsicana is quite a nice mid size town (Pop. 20,000 or so). Karen was out of school at noon on Thursday so after letting her have a quick cat nap we headed to the golf course for lunch. Gotta love those brisket street tacos! Some more touring, grabbed some marinated chicken breasts at a local Mexican Grocery then back to Coach.

We had sprung a leak this morning. Water coming from the little water line that goes into the icemaker, so all the water was outside of Coach, and it was fixable without a professional!!!! Jim and Keith got that under control and we headed back the Pelzel’s. They have a great house, filled with fun antiques and Montana decor (yes, Karen is a Montana girl and Jim is a Texan). Karen and I had lots to talk about, she paints, quilts, has an entire quilting / craft room. I was inspired! and Jim and Keith, Navy talk, softball talk, guitar / singing and country music! Doesn’t get much better than the time we spend with them. We appreciated their hospitality.

We left Corsicana after three nights in a nice RV park. We decided we would turn south this time, and revisit Waco and Uncle Leland and Aunt Barbara before heading down to Austin, San Antonio, and Three Rivers, Texas. It’s spring break at Baylor and the Silos (Magnolia Market) had big goings on this weekend so we were only able to get one night at Airport Park (our favorite Army Corps campground). We wanted to go over and visit Leland and Barbara, but he was just getting over pnemonia and the still quarantined by his doctor. Keith was feeling a little puney, and by this time I had developed a pretty good black eye from my bonk on the head. So we decided it would be best for Leland if we said our hellos and goodbyes over the phone. We wish him a speedy recovery!

We couldn’t get into another campground until Sunday evening, so Saturday found us staying a great little Harvest Host winery outside of Lompasas Texas, Texas Legato Winery. The spot was free and we had a great time doing a little wine tasting and visiting with Bill the owner of the winery. He had a fire going on the back deck where we enjoyed our glass of wine talking with a local Army couple (Ft. Hood is a nearby).

With our ultimate destination being a cemetery in Three River’s Texas, we found an Army Corps of Engineers campground just north of Austin on Georgetown Lake! After a leisurely morning between the winery and the vineyard, a nice walk with the dogs we headed south for the 60 minute trek to our next site. We booked it for three nights, figuring there was plenty to do in the area. First line of business is the Johnson Presidential Library at the University of Texas today, perhaps see the bats fly out from under Congress Street Bridge this evening. West of us is Fredericksburg and other communities known for their German heritage and wineries. We’ll stick with site seeing and German heritage!

We’ll check out Austin and let you know what we see and do!

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  1. so awesome to see more pictures of you guys and your adventures! (except Joanette’s “bonk” on the head). love and miss you both


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