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Thursday we had a wonderful celebration of life for the wonderful lady — Janet Barkley Gaddis Joiner. She will surely be missed but she will be in heaven waiting for her family! We asked Janet’s children over for dinner on Friday. Keith makes a heck of a lasagne which can feed a crowd. He got his sauce cooking and while that was slowly simmering we were going to go across Tulsa to the German-Amercian Society, Christkindlemart.

A note not everybody knows but Keith’s brother John had an intense desire to learn more about Germany a couple of decades ago, so he began his Germanic studies which took him to college, to Germany and into a teaching position at University of New Mexico. He was excited when we told him about the Christkindlemart so away we went!

After the nice German Bazaar we drove by Keith’s old high school — Will Rogers High School or as it was fondly known “Will on the Hill”! We drove by the home Keith lived in while finishing high school.

Will On The Hill
Keith’s last home in Tulsa

Friday ended with the Joiners having Janet’s children, John Hite, Daniel, Rob, Amy and Robyn and their families over for lasagna dinner. Actually, Daniel wasn’t able to join us, but his family was with us for a while. We had a great time, getting to know them better, listening to stories from their childhoods, and sadly, I do not know what we were thinking, but we did not get any pictures.

As a touristy footnote, if you are ever in the Tulsa area, be sure to visit Tally’s Diner on Historic Route 66. Look at the size of this cinnamon roll! P.S. The frosting is coffee and powdered sugar! Yummy!

A few assorted pictures of the clan, Dad, John, Goober and Kona! What a hit those little guys are! Wouldn’t want to do this without them!

Cute little pecan shop all decked out for Christmas! What a pecan crop this year!

This morning Dad and Joanette drive across Tulsa (dad guided me on the streets, highways and turnpikes) over to West Tulsa. We attended the monthly Teamsters Retirees Breakfast together!

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