Our First Thanksgiving on the Road

We were going to be spending our first RV Thanksgiving together with the kids, Goober and Kona, and at a new camping spot, still on Lake Waco, but named Midway and very close to the edge of Waco. That was o.k. with us, Leland and Barbara were going to see Keith’s cousin Lorene and family down in Houston and then we would travel with them on Saturday to have a late Thanksgiving Dinner with their son Archie and his clan up near Fort Worth. But, Lorene and John were infected with “the influenza” and for everyone’s sake, their dinner was cancelled, probably postponed actually to a later date in the holiday season. So, our little clan spend Thanksgiving Day with Leland and Barbara! We had a nice dinner, Joanette even baked a scrumptious pumpkin pie! We watched It’s a Wonderful Life and Leland and Keith played some nice music! It was a great day!

Uncle Leland Busbee and Keith

Yes, Keith and Joanette went to Walgreens and got our flu shots!! And Yes, Goober and Kona loved Leland and Barbara, and Leland and Barbara loved them back! We had a wonderful few days spending time with Keith’s aunt and uncle and look forward to doing it again soon. Goober and Kona absolutely loved romping in their huge, fenced back yard, and boy were they fun to watch.

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