Our Mammoth Adventure!

Waco Mammoth

We drove by the Waco Mammoth Site on our way to our home on the shores of Lake Waco several times and decided to go investigate. Back in 1978 a couple of fellows found several bones in this area between the Brazos River and the Bosque River. Knowing they were on to something big, they took the bones to Baylor University. An archaeological dig ensued and what was found was amazing. An entire nursery herd of Columbian Mammoths (not the Woolly Mammoths) were discovered. The Columbian Mammoths were far larger than the Woolly Mammoths. This was an area where the mammoths would congregate to keep the herd of youngsters safe from the predators, especially the saber tooth tiger. A building was built to protect the site. The more the scientists dug, the more bones and almost full specimens they found. It was very interesting to listen to ranger explaining what we were looking at, and how at different levels were the different time periods and floods that occurred.

Fun to share this experience with Leland and Barbara and a must see for anybody coming to Waco area!

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