Cross the Brazos at Waco (ride hard and I’ll make it by dawn –words to an old song by Billy Walker)

Keith and I spent the day in Waco, it was a pretty day and we did some walking. We got an excellent parking spot right at the Waco Suspension Bridge and took lots of pictures of the historic bridge crossing the Brazos River. It is very beautiful and a walk across the old planks was fun! This was first used for the cattlemen to take their herds across the river. This is part of the Chisholm Trail and Keith had fun getting a few pictures to get back to his buddy Sonny Chisholm in Hot Springs!

We went to Magnolia Market (The Silos). A must do when in Waco, and there were lots of people doing just that! The Silos are old cotton seed silos, part of the Brazos Valley Cotton Oil Mill which closed in 1958 and the silos stopped storing cotton seed in the 90’s. The market is part of the Fixer Upper t.v. show and home renovating and decorating empire that has recently put Waco on the map! We enjoyed our stroll through and down the street to the new Magnolia Press coffee shop.

Back ‘home’ to Coach and the kids we had a nice campfire and enjoyed listening to the waves of Waco Lake lap at the shore of our beach front property!

Wednesday we went with Uncle Leland and Aunt Barbara to College Station, home of Texas A & M University and the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. We enjoyed being with our Aunt and Uncle and seeing the history of the Bush family and his presidency. A beautiful stroll across the grounds to the final resting place of George, Barbara and their small daughter Robin. Lunch at Panda Express topped off the day!

We gave Leland and Barbara some time to themselves on Thursday and spent the day with them yesterday doing laundry, lunch at the Golinda Cafe, and listening to Keith and his uncle play guitars and sing! What a great day!

Today is Saturday, November 23, we are sitting at a Starbucks, working on our blog, while Goober is at the beauty salon getting freshened up. Kona is patiently waiting for us in the car (in the shade with the windows cracked), but it is a cool fall day here in the Heart of Texas!

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