Good Bye Dallas / Hello Waco

I was going to start by talking about all the freeways and traffic in the Dallas area. But I must be over my PTSD so I will move on. But here are a few pictures. You will notice the downtown is so huge you cannot capture it in one photo. Also note that they build freeways on top of freeways and seem to be putting in more everywhere you look. Crazy!

We had a great stay at Lake Dallas (Lewisville Lake), enjoyed lunch with Keith’s cousin Archie and his wife Judy and had Keith’s cousin Tim and his wife Sheri over for supper one night! It’s so fun to reconnect with cousins!

It was time to leave the Dallas area and head to Waco where we have a couple of weeks at an Army Corps of Engineers Campground. We reserved our spot back in May or perhaps June and we had forgotten what we booked. It was a great surprise when we arrived and saw the beautiful spot, right on the edge of the lake!

We picked the Waco area because Keith’s Uncle Leland and Aunt Barbara live near here. We have always enjoyed spending time with the two of them. So far we spent most of Saturday at their home, talking, making music and catching up. Yesterday we had them over to Sunday dinner, pot roast with vegetables and they brought a pecan pie and ice cream! Today we spent with them at Homestead Heritage, a self-sustaining, communal community outside of Waco.

We’ll spend some time at “The Silos” Magnolia Market here in Waco. Magnolia Table, the restaurant owned by the same folks who have Magnolia Market, do it yourself T.V. gurus, Chip and Joanna Gaines. We plan to do some bike riding around the lake, and walking in downtown Waco, crossing the Brazos in Waco on the suspension bridge built in 1870. There is the Waco Mammoth Site just down the road. Wednesday we plan on going to College Station, the home of Texas A & M and the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library! We have plenty to do and will keep you all posted!

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