Going to the Big D and we do mean Dallas!

As the arctic cold front moved South, so did we. We decided to spend 6 days at Hickory Creek Campground on Lewisville Lake (referred to as Lake Dallas). Another Army Corps of Engineer Campground!

We are just north of Dallas, southeast of Denton. The weather was beautiful when we arrived and so is the campground. We leave here on the 15th, headed to Waco Lake for two weeks. But not before the arctic cold front came in! It was supposed to be 60 on Monday morning, but falling to the low 40s Monday afternoon and in the 20s overnight! Brrrrr!

We were contemplating a Veteran’s Day breakfast at Denny’s and then perhaps a Veteran’s Day Service at the Dallas Fort Worth National Veteran’s Cemetery, but as we were eating breakfast the predicted wind began and the temperature began falling!

Sadly, we are sure treated better than those heroes returning from Vietnam!

We changed plans and headed into Dallas to the campus of Southern Methodist University, the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. That was a wonderful way to spend Veteran’s Days.

We spent a few hours at the museum — time very well spent. There are 13 presidential libraries, so we’ve ticked one off of the list. We’ll visit the George H. W. Bush library next week with Uncle Leland and Aunt Barbara. We have heard it is very inspirational. We can’t wait! We may also try to get to the LBJ library as well, since we are in the neighborhood!

Since it was still Veteran’s Day and we couldn’t spend at the annual Veteran’s Day Dinner at the Hot Springs Senior Citizens Center, we had our second (and last) meal of the day at Chili’s. We sure appreciate that the veterans are honored on that special day!

Today we drove up to Muenster, Texas, a little town with a big German heritage. We were introduced to Muenster sausage years ago by a Texan who was in the Navy with Keith. Jim Pelzel would bring it back to NAS Whidbey Island whenever he was down in Texas, and then whenever Keith and I might be in this neck of the woods, we would stop and buy some also. That was our mission today. Mission accompished! We came home with a few pounds of smoked German Sausage. Should last us quite a while in the freezer in the basement!

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