Fall in the Kiamichi Mountains

We said good bye to Dad and Janet on Wednesday morning. We sure enjoyed our time with Dad, and Janet and Dad’s hospitality. But it was time to go. Dad wore us both out, we needed some R & R!!

We have reservations on Waco Lake in mid-November, so what is between here and there? Broken Bow, Oklahoma in Southeast Oklahoma, the home of Harley and Kerry Thomas. We enjoyed two days with Harley and Kerry, and spent Friday at Beavers Bend Folk Festival and Craft Show up at the state park. The scenery was beautiful. We enjoyed a nice long walk from the parking area to the festival and back, snapping lots of pictures of the fall foliage. There were many arts and crafts on display and for sale. People’s talents are very amazing! Demonstrations of early combustion engines, vintage crafting techniques were on going.

The real draw was the music, folk music from days long gone by, Jake Book, Lansford and McAlester, Celtic music by Father, Son and Friends. We sat and enjoyed the morning sets of these fine musicians in the crisp fall air, went and had lunch from one of the many food vendors. Of course, we opted for Cajun food, jambalaya, beignets, etc. We moseyed around through all the craft displays and then sat and enjoyed the afternoon music. This was a wonderful experience with great friends, exactly one of the things we want to do on our adventures. Thank you Harley and Kerry!

Just as an aside, doesn’t that fella look like Bernie Sanders? He is with Father, Son and Friends, and their music was awesome!

Update on Goober and Kona: We think Kona has found some of her relatives! Kerry and Harley have three Rat Terriers. If you notice in the picture below, Kona is standing off to the side looking toward the camera, she is younger and a bit slimmer, but the spitting image of Little Girl, Jesse and Buddy! Goober was the white sheep in this household!

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