The Southern Wild Life

This began our quest for the wildlife of the Southern United States! We never did see one of the turtles at the road crossing sign, but the raccoons! They were plentiful. Joanette went out to call Paula one evening and saw a set of little beady eyes watching her from afar! (Opossum?) But she was brave! The birds, Great Blue Herons, Pelicans, Great and Snowy Egrets are beautiful.

The wildlife greatly improved once we reached Loranger, Louisiana, Keith’s Dad Howell B. Joiner’s home through young adulthood. Here are just a few pictures of the varied wildlife.

HA! These aren’t native, we went to the Global Wildlife Center. 900 acres in the middle of rural Louisiana, with an amazing number of Asian and African, (and yes, Winston, the huge Holstein) animals. We had a private tour in an Austrian Pinzgauer WWII vehicle. Lots of laughs and good memories were made!

On to visiting with relatives and cemeteries for a few days. Oh, the weather, yes, it is humid here and rather warm. But yesterday a cold front moved in, the rains left, but now it is pretty and cold. We woke up this morning in the mid 30’s!!!!

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