Together Again

The pack is back! Kona and Goober, happy to see each other and us. Keith happy to see me, and so was Goober! It was two days of driving about 10 hours each day, and although I was afraid the hip would be a problem, it was not. I was able to get in and out of car each time Kona and I had to stop to potty. (Really good thing!) We spent one night in Fort Collins Colorado and arrived in Tulsa at 9:00 p.m. the next night! Good to be together again!

We had two more great days with Dad and Janet, and then Saturday morning we took Dad and headed to Little Rock, Arkansas. We found Maumelle Campground, a pretty little Army Corps of Engineers campground on the Arkansas River, and spend the night.

Sunday morning, after a very leisurely start, we are headed to Jackson Mississippi to see Howell’s cousins, Geraldine and her husband Dale and Grady and his wife Lu! Part of Joanette’s job as chief navigator, is to find economical places to park for the night. During our travels on Sunday she found us a spot at Le Fleur’s Bluff State Park in Jackson. This was a very beautiful little campground in the Jackson area, with lots of squirrels, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and evidently a beaver or two!

We had originally planned to head to Dad’s home town of Loranger, LA Monday, but decided at the last minute to go down to Biloxi, MS to see a little of the gulf coast before going to Loranger. So, once again Joanette found us a place for the night at Davis Bayou Campground outside of Biloxi. This is another of those Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds with 50 amps, water and a nearby sewer dump, all for $22 per night but with Keith’s Golden Access pass it was a whopping $11! After getting all set up for the night we decided to splurge and go out for dinner (or “supper” as it is known in these parts), Julie, our cruise director, (Joanette) found us a little restaurant that fit our bill, Aunt Jenny’s Catfish Restaurant. I bet you can’t guess what we had for dinner! Well, shrimp too. With baked yams, hush puppies, coleslaw and biscuits! Oh and the dessert, Mermaid Pie. We shared!

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