Joanette’s Wild Adventure

Glad to be back with Coach, Keith and Goober, but my time away was not all fun and games! There was the grandson with the concussion, the 8 inches of snow at Jaime’s, cutting firewood in the snow (great family time!), and a visit to the dentist for a good cleaning! But then there was also a great trip into Bozeman to pick up Jaime’s glasses and spend some time with Bailey. We enjoyed watching Bailey reunite with Kona, having lunch together and then taking Kona to the Simply Mac store to see Bailey’s boyfriend Walker Perry! We finished our Bozeman day by going to Bailey’s Sorority House to introduce Kona to the girls!

Oh, but there was the mountain lion incident. But first the bear incident. This one was while we were sleeping but a bear came, tried to get into the locking garbage can and knocked it over onto the front of Toad. No injuries were sustained, and the bear left without incident. It was the next evening that Juniper (pug and basset hound mix 9 month old puppy) was outside in the dog run (6 foot high chain link walls, with chicken wire roof). “Junebug” was barking up a storm and we decided to investigate. Jaime grabbed the shot gun, I grabbed the flashlight and the three of us, James bringing up the rear, headed out onto the front porch. We looked around the corner and there was a HUGE mountain lion trying to climb into Junebugs dog run. James ran, I ran, with the flashlight, and left Jaime on the dark porch with the shot gun. I was a failure…..So, Bob got his hand gun and went back out with Jaime now holding the flashlight, the lion had not moved, he shot at it, it retreated, sat down and glared and them as Jaime rushed in and saved little Junipers life. Ah, the wild times we had!

Oh, and then there was the firewood adventure. We had family time, Bob, Jaime, Tyler, myself and James, spend about 5 hours cutting, loading and hauling firewood. I was a little sore after the porch project, a little more sore after the cider pressing, but boy the firewood adventure, I was a hurting gal. It took several days of worrying about a hip replacement before the pain started to subside!

A few pictures of Jaime, Bailey and I; Bailey, her boyfriend Walker and Kona; James and Kona (on a long walk we were on, resting on a fence!) and the trailer getting loaded with firewood (Tyler, Bob and Jaime) and Bailey on the steps of her sorority house!

The wood cutting occurred in the snow, the weather was getting colder, Bob was home for a few extra days, so I took leave a couple of days early and headed to Tulsa, home to Keith, Coach and Goober. Keith was getting anxious to surprise his dad with a quick trip Mississippi and Louisiana to see relatives. Dad is recovering nicely from his heart procedure. The trip down took Kona and I two full days, one night stay in Fort Collins, Colorado and then we were in Tulsa. Safe and Sound!

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