On the Montana Front

Well, Joanette and I have been apart for ten days now! I really miss her company, and she says that she misses me too. I know that Goober misses her too. Every time a say something about “Mom” his ears perk up and he looks at the door expecting to see her. I’m not sure that Joanette misses us as much as we miss her though. She has been hanging out with her friends in Hot Springs and her daughter, Jaime and grandsons Tyler and James at Georgetown Lake. From all of the pictures she has sent to me she is having a pretty good time.

Joanette spent a few days at Jaime’s house when we first parted ways. Before we left Beavertail I had been having some concerns about the possibility of some cold weather coming in, so the fact that I was taking Coach to warmer climes was a bit of a comfort to me. As it turned out I had good reason to be concerned. It was -10 degrees with 7″ of snow at Georgetown Lake Wednesday morning! That is our Toad in the picture.

After leaving Georgetown Lake and heading for Holt Springs, Joanette drove over to Big Fork, MT to watch Tyler play football. Tyler was knocked out of the game with a concussion so Joanette followed the ambulance over to Kalispell where he was evaluated and released around midnight. He was still pretty dazed and confused the next day, but has been improving gradually. He has a long time to recover as there was only one game left in their season and he is not cleared for that game. He’ll have plenty of time to take it easy and let his brain recuperate!

Joanette, Kona and Toad survived the brutal conditions and made their way back to Hot Springs and I am sure that Paula was glad to have them show up. It seems that she had made plans to use Joanettes services help with a couple little projects around the Stobie Mansion! The first up was putting tile down in the new entryway. Paula and Joanette did the work and Kona “supervised”!

Joanette and Kona help Paula and her mother, Marion and brother Daniel make apple cider. (I sure hope they bring some to share with Goober and I! I guess it was a pretty big operation. Joanette thinks that they made about 10 gallons of cider. At the end of the day they had 5 bags of mashed apple pulp and peels, which they left outside I understand that the next morning 2 of those bags had found their way out into the field where they had been shredded and the contents eaten by a bear!

With everything that she has had going on, I don’t know how Joanette would have time to miss Goober and I!!

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  1. Joanette was so busy at our house!! She’s wonderful and amazing, and I honestly don’t know how we wound up doing the tile in the porch, but Joanette said “We’re doing it” and so we did. I’m thinking Jim must have planted a bug in her ear….. Not to be outdone Daniel came up just as we finished the floor with boxes and boxes of apples for cider. It was fun but boy we we tired! We had a lot of fun being able to visit and work and work and visit…..thanks for ‘sharing’ your sweetie


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