A Nice Walk Behind Beavertail

These two love being off of the leash and free!

Since our last post a lot of things have changed, but more about that in the next post!

We really enjoyed our stay at Beavertail Hill State Park! It was very nice having the whole state park pretty much to ourselves. Goober and Kona were happy that most of the time when they went outside they did not have to be on a leash. I know that the regulations said otherwise, but there was no one there to tell on them!!

We decide to drive up the road that goes up the hill behind the campground. There were a couple of houses up the road that we could see from the river next to the campground and we were able to see some of them closer as we drove, we were able to see a few that we hadn’t seen before. There was a really large house up on top of a knob that couldn’t bees seen from below. We assume that it is a seasonal home because we could not imagine traversing the driveway during the winter time!

We were no where near this house, our camera has a pretty good zoom. This was taken from across the canyon.

We drove up pretty high then found a gated road to park and go for a little walk. We were barely out of the car and the dogs were off to the races. Boy did they have a ball! They would run like the wind until they were just out of sight then Keith would give them a sharp, crisp “Hey”, and here they would come running back to us. After a while it did not even take the ‘Hey”, they would come back every so often on their own. Its nice to have such well trained dogs!!

We kept our eyes peeled for wildlife, hopefully moose, because we found lots of old moose poop along the trail. I guess we would have had a better chance of seeing wildlife had the dogs not been clearing the way for us!

We highly recommend this off season camping (or maybe its Glamping)!

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