The Arduous Journey

Since Keith had appointments in Helena on Wednesday we decided to travel to Beavertail Hill State Park, a grueling 53 miles from Charles Waters Campground in the Bitterroot. We figured this would be a great stop for three nights before we head up to Georgetown Lake to camp. We stopped in Missoula at Bretz RV to offload waste and refill on fresh water. The weather is getting cool, we expect to find no running water in any campgrounds, this was verified by the young couple in line ahead of us. They had just come from Beavertail Hill State Park and tell us that the water would be turned off on Tuesday. Score! We decided not to fill up at Bretz, got to Beavertail, took nice showers, then refilled our tank with their water before it being shut off the next day!!!! Another bonus is that Beavertail has 50 amp electric and off season, resident, senior (yes we are embracing this title) rates of $13.00 per night! We are enjoying late season camping, we pretty much have the whole state park to ourselves, fall is in the air, and the ‘kids’ are enjoying themselves as are we!

We decided to call the Forest Service office in Pburg and verify that Philipsburg Bay and Piney campgrounds on Georgetown Lake were still open, and thank goodness we did! They both closed on September 29. It looks like we will stay at Beavertail until #1 – it is time for Joanette to go settle in at Jaime’s on October 20 for a promised 3 day kid and dog sitting gig, and Keith spends three nights with Coach at the Anaconda RV Park, or #2 – It begins to change to winter weather and then Keith will head a little south to escape it and Joanette catches back up with him on the 24th. We will see how this pans out. (We are still clinging to the post season football scenario!)

In the meantime, we were going to Helena yesterday for Keith’s VA appointments and some food shopping. We recalled on the road to Helena were several old Beaver Slides. We talked about Beaver Slides, getting some pictures and sharing them with you. We came across this ranch that had piles of hay in the fields (see pic below) and then a Beaver Slide all by itself near the barn (also below). Fun to see these old implements still in use! We checked You Tube and you can see several videos of the Beaver Slides in action, with both tractors and horses! Pretty cool, check it out!

Beaver Slide
We’ve seen this beautiful site on the way into Helena many times and have always wanted a picture. Today we got our picture! God Bless America!

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