Saturday Night Lights

Saturday found us traveling to Alberton to watch the Hot Spring Savage Heat take on the Valley Christian Eagles in 6 Man Football! Yes, we enjoyed a little wind and a few snow flurries, but mostly we enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting a new one, and watching the Savage Heat burn up the Eagles.

We returned to our campsite, had a restful night, and entertained company on Sunday. Keith’s daughter, Kristin and boyfriend, Steve came up from Hamilton midday and we enjoyed a campfire in the snow (light snow) and good bbq burgers. Oh Wait, Keith had made burgers and we had them on a tray on the counter, our little “flying squirrel” Kona decided she could just hop up on the counter and eat what she wanted. We were down a quarter pounder and a half! Thankfully Kristin had picked up another pound of burger (with bacon in it!). We borrowed that and had a successful meal! The problem with the great afternoon was that we totally forgot to take any pictures to share with you! We will try to better in the future.

Brother John questioned our decision to be in Montana this late in the year, telling us he believed all the ducks and geese had already departed the area and that we should have followed their lead…… Hey, it’s was only September….. And there is more Copperhead football…. and it’s quite probable that the Savage Heat will go to the post season playoffs, and what if we are in the area?????? As long as the weather holds, we’ll hang around!

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  1. I just hope I don’t see a blog post with the coach surrounded by 3 to 4 feet of snow and you stuck there until April. But enjoy the football and seeing friends and family. John


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