Back to Hot Springs!

We left Tommy and Patti’s headed to Hot Springs! We decided to forego Interstate 90 and headed up US 2 to Sandpoint, Idaho and then 200 across the panhandle, into Montana. A non-hilly picturesque drive right to Plains, Montana then onto MT 28 over the hill to Hot Springs. It must have been the coolest summer in 12 years. We returned in intermittent rain showers, (no sign of any forest fires along the way) until we had the little village of Hot Springs in our sight. There was a small plume of smoke coming up just west of town, remnants of a fire that had burned earlier this month. So glad that was contained quickly!

It was good to see our besties Jim and Paula. We appreciate them so much, and their hospitality. Great to see the crew at the clinic. Joanette misses them all, although I think we can say she is a little more relaxed, however, she still dislikes the telephone! Keith got to see almost every student and teacher and Hot Springs Elementary and High School. He was happy and they were also! We went to Arlee, MT on Saturday to watch the Lady Savage Heat Volleyball team in action! They ended up winning the “Spike It” tournament. Yeah!

Keith got a needed haircut Tuesday, Goober got a much needed bath and haircut Thursday. Joanette gets her hair done on Monday. Then we will be off for another round of adventure between the Bitterroot Valley and Georgetown Lake!

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