Steamboat Rock State Park

We left my sister’s and the Brewster area with Steamboat Rock State Park as our next destination. Blogging has been close to impossible, the wifi and cell service in eastern Washington was spotty at best! Here is a brief summary of this leg of the trip.

It was about a two hour drive! Maybe not even that far! From Bridgeport State Park we headed south to Grand Coulee, WA and then west to Steamboat Rock. What a wonderful state park. Fairly new, dedicated in 1974, it had lots of campsites, boating, biking and walking trails, well maintained and very green, on the shores of Banks Lake. We spent two great evenings here and went on two nice bike rides. The only disturbing part was the tree full of buzzards (Turkey Vultures).

We decided to go into Grand Coulee for the laser light show! Always wanted to do that and we were not disappointed. If ever in that area, be sure to go see it. Very impressive and so educational.

Our next stop was going to be to visit our old friends, Tommy and Patti Clark, in Deer Park, WA. Joanette went all through school (Coupeville, WA) with Tommy, worked with Patti at the Island County Superior Court Administrator’s office, and then about 12 years ago Tommy and Patti replaced us as the caretakers at Fitzpatrick Mountain Ranch in Valley, Stevens County, Washington! We enjoy spending time with these two, always good company and good food! We drove up to the ranch and reminisced, went on a nice long hike in the cool fall weather, investigated the Quartzite Brewery and Lola’s Food Truck in Chewelah. All in all a great time and thankful for them letting us camp in their driveway.

We headed out Monday morning, September 16 toward Hot Springs Montana! More about that up next.

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