One More Night

The morning of September 2nd John and Bill left us heading back home to California, it was sad to see them go. We had planned to leave that morning also. However, considering it was Labor Day we thought it would be a great idea to stay at Heceta Beach RV Park one more day and let the traffic get ahead of us. We planned out where we would go the next day. We took a drive over to the South Jetty. All of our time has been spent near the North Jetty and North Beach. We drove through Florence (see the picture of the art deco bridge) and between Siuslaw River and the ocean sand dunes. Massive sand dunes that Oregon is famous for. We watched some more harbor seals frolic in the mouth of the river and returned home to prepare for the next leg.

We wanted to go back to Eugene and see Scott, Keith’s ol’ Navy buddy. We lucked out and found another Lane County Park! Richardson Park on the north shores of Fern Ridge Reservoir! What a lovely park. We spent two nights here, took two nice long (for beginners) bike rides along the edge of the lake, they had great bike paths through the park and along the edge of the lake. We also went into Eugene and had a great dinner with Scott, his daughter Catherine and Granddaughter Brielle. It was so hard to tell them good bye.

On to Canby Oregon and old (friends from way back) friends!

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