Old Friends

When Joanette was just a wee little girl, Roger and Phyllis (above) rented a “the cabin” from her parents. They were a young married Navy couple and Joanette loved going next door to visit Phyllis. But as soon as she heard his car, she would say “your daddy is home” and take off quickly for home. They only lived there for a year, and then rented from “Gram” up in Oak Harbor for another three years, but the Durands and the Wells’ have a lot of great memories. Roger and Phyllis would come back to the Island a lot over the next decades, but it had been 10 years since we had seen them. It was wonderful to spend two days with them, lots of memories and laughter!

We went to McMinnville, Oregon to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The big draw is Howard Hughes Spruce Goose. WOW! What a huge endeavor and a huge aircraft. We had fun looking at all of the old airplanes from Nazi Germany and Japan, the US fighters and bombers used in WWII, planes from WWI, the Korean and Vietnam wars were also on display.

After three hours we left the aviation museum exhausted and found a wonderful restaurant, McMenamins Hotel Oregon in McMinnville Old Town. We didn’t take enough pictures of the beautiful restaurant or the streets of Old Town. But it would be a great day trip all in itself!

North to Washington…. check back!

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  1. Very nice – great to see you2 enjoying travel and connecting with folks. I am very happy for you! Safe journey. Awesome plane photos – boys loved them.


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