North Jetty Cove

We spent an evening watching the sunset at Heceta Beach. Yes, it was lovely! Yesterday was a hang out at Heceta day! We took our chairs, and Goober and Kona to the cove down near the north jetty. Little did we know that we would be entertained by a group of Harbor Seals.

Goober and Kona entertained us and they have a lot of fun together!

As a child growing up on an island, Whidbey, I feared being swept up by a tidal wave. But back in those days, nobody every talked about tidal waves, or tsunami’s as they are now known. However, since we have been out here on the coasts, both Washington’s and Oregon’s, it is never far from your mind that we are in, as the signs say “Tsunami Hazard Zone” or “Leaving Tsunami Hazard Zone”, or “Tsunami Gathering Area”. The last Friday of each month at 11:30 a.m. Florence (or perhaps the entire coast) holds a Tsunami Warning siren drill. We have all be anxiously awaiting that and it will be tomorrow morning! However, we woke up this morning to the news of a 6.3 earthquake 150 miles off the coast of central Oregon!!!! But alas, no tsunami warning, no tsunami, nothing.

John and Bill have driven inland to Cottage Grove to do a bike ride. Keith and I are babysitting Mouse, the cat! We also took a drive out to Jesse Honeyman State Park and Siltcoos Lake to check on kayak rentals for tomorrow. Back at Coach we are now working on lasagne for dinner, John and Bill will return in a couple of hours! Then we will most likely have another world class meal, but first, a nap!

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