Once we recovered from the RV repair and the night in the tent, we settled into tourist mode. On the way to the beach we ran in to this couple:

New Friends at Heceta Beach! Note the sweatshirts!

The beach is lovely, sandy shoreline for as far as you can see. We walked with John and Bill and Goober and Kona. The dogs romped and played and we walked. Decided to head for the jetties “over yonder” and once we arrived figured we would just walk on home. We did stop for this photo op:

After a total of a minimum of 5.3 miles, we limped on in and took a long nap!

Wednesday, August 21 was John’s 66th birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at La Pomodori Italian Ristorante and gave him a beautiful black rubber door mat that the rain and sand could seep through and a bright colorful kite for flying at the beach!

Back to the beach the following day to fly the kite. We all had a blast, but the look on John’s face as he flew it was precious!

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