Glamping — Our adventure from Armitage to Florence

Our devout readers (smiley face) will remember that leaving Tillamook (Blue Heron French Cheese Company) we mentioned that one of our air bags (suspension system) did not inflate. We drove down the road about a mile, bouncing the entire way, pulled into an RV repair place and found that it was, thankfully, inflated. They told us that that would happen if the valve wasn’t seated properly, it could fix itself. (We did know that we had a leaky valve, just elected to not deal with it back in Missoula!). Anywho, they suggested we stop by the diesel place down the road, and we did. They said it was a relatively easy fix. So we headed over the Siuslaw Mountain Range to Eugene. (What a gorgeous drive.) Got set up there at Armitage and enjoyed our stay. Well, on the morning we were leaving the air bag did not inflate at all. We could hear the air coming on out. But, all was not lost, there was a Freightliner (our chassis manufacturer) facility up in Coburg. We bounced up the road and left Coach there. They would need to order the part, have it over-nighted from Memphis and would be done by 3:00 p.m. the next day. (Sounded to good to be true, we left happy, with our tent, air mattress and two dogs). We could have stayed in Coach at the Freightliner facility.

It is only an hour and half drive from Coburg to Florence and apparently we thought sleeping in a tent on a down low air mattress would be fun! It was actually painful! But we survived. Freightliner called the next day and said it would be done on time and to come on over. Boy did we jump at that. We were back in Florence with Coach and Toad and set up for the night!

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  1. hopefully all is well with “Coach”! in our more mature years, camping in a tent is a pleasant thought, but when your backside is actually on the ground that’s another matter…. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing about Florence. isn’t there something there about Sea Lions? It’s been a long time so I could be making this up. Anyway, happy travels!!


    1. The getting down and back up from the air mattress was a killer! But it was such a romantic idea! We are going to drive down the coast on Monday. I’ll let you know if we find the Sea Lion Caves!


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