Armitage Campground — Lane County Oregon — Eugene

We arrived at our campground just outside of Eugene Oregon in the afternoon. We are between Coburg and Springfield technically. It was nice to get situated again, to meet up with John and Bill, who were patiently waiting for us. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, ate a great meal together and slept well.

The second day, first full day at Armitage County Park, was a hot, beautiful day and we had this day to spend together before John and Bill left on a 4 day bike trip so we decided to take a bike ride. We rode up to Coburg (2.75 miles each way!!!) and had some iced tea. On the way back we took note that the river flowed next to our campground and there was a bike trail to a very nice swimming area! By this time it was getting quite hot so we headed out to the river.

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Preparing to ride to Coburg! The Eugene area has great bicycle lanes and trails!
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After the ride to Coburg we rode to the McKenzie River. The men played in the river like kids!

Day Three we drove John and Bill to their starting point for a four day bike ride through the Willamette Valley. We took them up to Champoeg State Park, east of Salem and dropped them off. We spent the rest of that day together relaxing.

Day Four was our 31st Anniversary! Keith decided we were going out to dinner and we set off through the country side to an unknown destination. But after an hour I saw a sign that said Albany, I figured it out! We were meeting John and Bill in Albany! Sure enough they had reservations at a very upscale restaurant called Sybaris Bistro. Wow! What a meal! Joanette and Keith both had Flat Iron Steak with Mashed BBQ Corn and Potatoes. Yummy! John had Corn Flake Encrusted Halibut on a bed of Corn Chowder. Bill had a Chicken Breast dish. Bill’s chicken was not as memorable as the rest of ours. Sorry Bill! Lots of good wine and times! We forgot to get a picture of us at dinner, but here is a photo of the outside!

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Sybaris Bistro, Albany, Oregon

Day Five, Keith and I spend a good part of one day visiting his best friend from his early days in the Navy. Scott and Keith were inseparable, they worked together, lived together and like young sailors, partied together! Scott didn’t stay in, but returned to Oregon to work for National Cash Register and then in the IT Department at Lane Community College. Scott was diagnosed four and half years ago with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Although his disease is progressing we had a great visit, a lot of laughter and old Navy stories, and also tears. Our timing for the visit was good, this Sunday is the MDA walk (The Muscular Dystrophy Association and the ALS Association are closely aligned) and we will be driving back to Eugene to “walk” with Scott and his family. I say “walk” because Scott won’t be, but he will be with us, in his wheelchair. We are very pleased about that!

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Scott Hall and Keith, 44 years later!

Armitage County Campground and the Eugene area was a wonderful place! We will be happy to return whenever we can. But for now, on to Florence, Oregon and Heceta Beach!

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