Pacific Beach to Tillamook

We had reservations at Pac Beach until Monday, August 12, but thought we would leave a day early and go see friends in Oregon City. But instead we had a learning experience! Getting ready to leave we had everything secured, stowed, and sucked in (the slides), we thought. Turned out you are supposed to go out and look at all of the slides before you engage the slide lock mechanism. One slide was not in all the way, the lock got jammed and nothing we could do fixed it. Thankfully we had reservations for one more night and Monday morning Bill from North Beach RV came out and Keith and Bill got it all fixed, well, temporarily anyway! Lesson learned. Rather than see Phyllis and Roger for just part of one day, we decided to rearrange our visit with them to the end of our time with John and Bill and we headed south toward Eugene.

Crossing the Columbia River at Astoria Oregon

WOW! The Oregon coast between Astoria and Tillamook was gorgeous. Stopped at got a few photos. We decided to stop for the night at another Harvest Host location. Did I mention Harvest Hosts are no cost places to camp. The first one we stopped at cost us $110.00 in wine tasting and two bottles of wine! This Harvest Host was Blue Heron French Cheese Company in Tillamook.

Blue Heron French Cheese Company is a great place to stop. There were several other campers there and the show room was fun! They had wine tasting, cheese tasting, ice cream, homemade candy and all kinds of stuff to buy. We got away with three different types of Brie and some cheese curds. But we didn’t really ‘get away’ we limped away with another learning experience! Our air suspension did not inflate like it was supposed to. ARGH. After trying many different things we decided to ‘limp’ down the highway a mile to an RV shop. Thankfully, by the time we got there the situation had corrected it self and we were ready to rumble. We took a beautiful little drive between Tillamook and the Willamette Valley over the Siuslaw Mountain Range. Gosh, can’t tell you how pretty that drive was.

We finally arrived at our destination, Armitage County Park, part of the Lane County Park system, just between Coburg (cute little town full of antique shops) and Springfield (just outside of Eugene). John and Bill were there waiting for us. It was good to see them again! We got settled in next to them and their cat, Mouse. A good night’s rest was welcomed!

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  1. your pictures bring back lots of memories!! I’ve driven (ridden) along that coastline a lot in my childhood, and gone past the Blue Heron! we never stopped, sounds like we should have. Glad to hear your ‘learning experiences’ haven’t left you with permanent damages to you or the coach!


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