Well, we spent 13 days at Pacific Beach. This is a Navy Recreation Facility, it was secure, had a restaurant, bar, bowling alley, coffee and gift shop, tent sites, full hookups, laundry, and bad cell phone reception. Not much blogging occurred here. Besides we had two little boys with us who kept us busy, cooking, eating, walking, bike riding, eating ice cream, a trip to the Quinault Rain Forest. Not much napping, but boy did we all sleep good at night! We had a blast with the boys.

They loved the seashore, playing and digging or just walking.

The rain forest was a hit. We did several little hikes. Very educational and a ton of photo ops! We saw the largest Sitka Spruce in the world! and it was HUGE! Like 58’11” around! Had a nice picnic on the shores of Lake Quinault.

Jason and Tina arrived to fetch their boys. They spent two evenings with us and we had fun going to the village of Seabrook, Washington, just a mile down the coast. If you get a chance google Seabrook. What a idyllic seaside town. Kind of like my home town of Coupeville, but on steroids! Everything is perfectly laid out, color coordinated, within walking distance, narrow streets, walking trails, dog parks, etc. Ice cream shops, bakery, doggie store, pizza parlor, boutiques, etc. No bars, but for that matter I didn’t see any churches either. Huh? We all had fun checking out Seabrook.

Seabrook Washington Saturday evening Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band concert. Town Hall in the center background.

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  1. It’s great to hear from you guys again! Love the pictures – it looks like everyone is having fun, including Goober and Kona. How are those two doing? They look like brothers already. where are you off to next?


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