This and That

After stopping in Bozeman and saying a tearful goodbye to Bailey, Keith, Joanette, Goober and now Kona headed west. We spent the first night in the (free) RV park behind Lincoln’s 50000 Silver Dollar Casino and Gift Shop in Haugen, Montana. Nice little RV camp. Did I mention free? We all strolled down to the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery and learned some history about the CCC and the work they did and the fire of 1910.

Up and on the road we headed down the beautiful Canyon Road along the Yakima River to Keith’s old elk hunting area north of Yakima, the Nile Valley. Things had changed, we couldn’t just park anywhere like at the old elk camps and we didn’t want to go any further up the road. We headed up HWY 410 toward Mt. Ranier and found Elk Ridge Campground. Not free, but a beautiful place.

The final leg of our trip took us up US Highway 12 on the south side of Mt. Rainier, what a beautiful drive. We arrived at Pacific Beach Resort and Conference Center (a NavyGetAway facility). We are here for 13 days. (In one place, for 13 days!) The first night our electricity wasn’t the best so we asked to move and now are in the best spot of all. Lots of shade over in the corner near the trail that walks to the beach. Will be perfect for us and two of our Grandsons!!!!

And the beach. Sandy for as far as you can see, Goober and Kona were like two kids on their first trip to the beach. (It was Goober’s first time, Kona was born in Hawaii, but I don’t think she remembered that!) She misses Bailey, but we are enjoying having her with us!

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