Goober’s Best Day

Emigrant Gulch Montana

We got settled down and Wednesday we thought we’d go into Bozeman, see Bailey, and get Kona and Goober reacquainted. But first, Keith, Bryan, Sally and I took their two, Hobbs and Pepper and our Goober for a walk in the meadow. Goober loves not being on a leash and he loves his cousins!


We headed to Bozeman where we met Bailey and Kona for lunch at Chipotle. The ‘kids’ were cute. We took them on to the Dog Park, a first for Goober and his pack!

We walked a lot and they were ready for a treat! We took them to Pet Smart!!! We were actually getting some things we needed for the upcoming takeover, but we didn’t speak too much about it.

Goober went on to have a great weekend playing with Hobbs, Pepper, Jim and Paula who arrived Thursday evening! Yes, we had fun together! Yellowstone, lots of eating and visiting!

We all parted ways Sunday morning. BUT, we stopped in Bozeman and picked up our Great Grand Dog, Kona.

Bailey is going to spend a semester or two with her sororioty and Kona is going to spend that time with us!

At this writing Kona is doing great! She is such a sweet and quiet little thing. Except in the morning when she gives Goober fits with her high energy. Also at this writing I think Goober is over having a house quest! But we know he will adjust.

Off to the ocean, went aroud Mt. Ranier to the north of us this morning

This afternoon we arrived at Pacific Beach Resort! Tomorrow we’ll let you know how Goober and Kona do at the ocean!

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