Heading North

We left Abilene, our next destination was to be Amarillo Texas. As we researched camping places, it didn’t look too promising. We are more of the fly by night travelers than the map out a long term plan travelers. We decided to take advantage of our “Harvest Hosts” membership so we called Bar Z Winery just south of Amarillo near Canyon Texas. They had a spot, $15.00 with electricity (mind you it was still 101 in Texas). Well the deal with Harvest Hosts is that you spend a little time, and money, seeing your hosts, farm, winery, brewery or museum…. so we purchased two bottles of Bar Z Wine to share with John and William when we meet up with them in Oregon in three weeks. This was definitely the most expensive camping spot to date. We did meet several really nice folks doing the same thing we are doing!

Other than grain crops for as far as you can see in the Texas panhandle, they had lots of oil wells:

Continuing north we passed

The southeastern part of Colorado is grain fields, oil fields and wide open. We decided to avoid the I-25 corridor which would put us into, near or through Denver. We stayed on the east side of the state heading north to Genoa, CO, and hunkered down for the evening watching a very threatening sky and tons of severe weather alerts on TV. We dodged the storms, which had we gone I-25 south of Denver we probably would have been pelted with large hail and 60 mph winds!

We saw a lot of wind generators both in Texas and Colorado. As far as the eye could see sometimes. Between wind company workers, oil field workers and pipeliners, there are a lot of workers (some with their families) in all the campgrounds, rv parks, fair grounds, etc.

Into Wyoming for the evening and the terrain gets prettier as we near the Rocky Mountains. But their Welcome to Wyoming sign was not so pretty, just a billboard several miles after the state line!

We stopped for the night in Douglas Wyoming at the Wyoming State Fair fairgrounds. We are getting ready to roll again this morning. Heading for Emigrant Montana in the beautiful Paradise Valley! We hope to stay for a few days and spend some time with Bryan and his beautiful bride Sally. Our friends, Jim Stobie and his lovely bride Paula, from Hot Springs are planning to meet us there as well. It should be great fun.

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  1. We can’t wait to try the wine. Although, I’m just trying to imagine what Grapes in Texas have to go through in order to mature. Say hello to Jim and Paula and for us and we look forward to seeing you next month.


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