On the Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail Ridge Army Corps of Engineers Campground OK

So we left Bixby heading for Abilene, Texas. Little did we know we were following the Chisholm Trail. The trail the Texas cowboys would drive the cattle up to the railheads in Kansas every year. Keith picked the campground as it was 1/2 way between Bixby and Abilene. As we were checking in the lady at the gate asked us where we were from and where we were headed. Of course, from Hot Springs MT and headed to Abilene. She thought that was funny, there was another couple headed to Abilene. We told her we were going to a dedication of a Memorial honoring airman lost in the line of duty while serving at Dyess Air Force Base. She said “well, so is Ella”. Of course, we said “Ella Wenman”? And, yes, you guessed it, it was Ella Wenman, the widow of an airman from Dyess AFB who Keith and our cousin Bryan from Emigrant MT memorialized on July 23, 2016!

Once again it reminds us of how little this world is we live in and how many people we know! We surprised Ella and Roger and they came down and visited with us for quite a long while last night! Did we mention that it was about 100 degrees? We were so thankful for the very brisk wind blowing our way across the lake!

We arrived in Abilene this afternoon, checked into Abilene State Park. Cousin Bryan was there waiting for us!

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    1. We said to each other, ‘better call Sonny” but then we ran into people we knew, got to visiting, and that as all she wrote! We better call Sonny today!


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