Port of Catoosa

Yesterday, was a four hour trip to get ham hocks and shanks for a pot of beans! We saw a lot of Tulsa, pretty parks and neighborhoods. It was an adventure that involved lunch at Coney I Lander for hotdogs and an hour wait in a very popular meat market for our ham hocks! Enough about that!

The humidity has diminished (Thankfully!), although it is HOT, it seems more bearable! Joanette got on her bike this morning and toured the small neighborhood, actually just to make sure she can still ride. Tomorrow Keith and I may cross 121st and ride through the bigger neighborhood over there. There are lots of trees here, so shade is not a problem.

Today we all went on a little road trip to the Port of Catoosa. Catoosa is a small town north of Tulsa that in 1971 became the most inland sea port in the country. It is a part of the Arkansas River Navigation Project that joined inland industry to a waterway that makes its way into the Mississippi River and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico. Barges transport steel, petroleum products, manufactured goods, grains and fertilizer through the waterway to the distribution port in the gulf to the world beyond!

Home this afternoon for Keith to mow Dad’s lawn and the rest of us to have a nap. Left over beans, and on to another day!

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  1. There is a nice little trail not far from Dad’s, just west of 73rd East Ave at 121st called the Fry Creek Ditch Trail. Just before the river, it turns east toward Washington Irving Park, where it connects with the Riverwalk Trail that uses the old Memorial Street Bridge to cross the river. total distance to 141st, across the bridge is 3.1 miles.


  2. that sounds like a great place! so glad you’re getting a chance to try out your bikes. One thing surprised me – you had to go that far to get ham hocks?? seems like that ‘s a staple item! I bet the beans were good though


    1. oh, I forgot to mention how much I liked the snippet of info on the Port. Keep it up please! So cool to get a little info from places around the country. thanks guys!


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