We were in Kansas, Toto!

That’s not Totu, that’s Goober!

We drove up to the Bartlet, Kansas area (south eastern corner) to spend a couple of days with Keith’s cousins, Jeanne and Herschel Eck and their amazing family! And Joanette’s new friend Aunt Sylvia (Jeanne’s 86 year young Mother!) We had some good ol’ gospel and country music, lots of great food (Yes, Joanette ate grits — 2 ways! and loved them!) Goober had a good time, loved all the attention, and the good home cooking also!

Day two we went up to see Big Brutus, about 40 minutes from the Eck home, in an area of old open pit coal mines. Big Brutus made his home there in 1963 and stayed until they didn’t need him any longer in 1974. It is a cute little museum (with RV parking for future reference). Here are a couple of pictures of Big Brutus and his friends:

Jeanne approaching the big guy!
Dakota and Jerrison inside the 90 cubic foot bucket.
16 stories to the top of the crane.
Operator Keith at the helm!

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  1. Those are some great pictures! so awesome you guys are having fun and catching up with family & friends.


  2. Looks like you are having fun! We toured a coal mine in Wyoming one time and the equipment they use in those mines is HUGE!!


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